In the beginning there was Waldorf


You can read the Why My Way page to get the details. So I’ll be brief.  This blog is meant to chronicle my transition from homeschooling Waldorf, out of Waldorf completely, and then letting a little back in again.  I know it sounds odd.  Sometimes you need to take a step back to see what’s really there.  For me to see the value in certain aspects of Waldorf, I needed to move away from it all together.   The imbalance that occurred was easily remedied when I found a way to let the pieces I valued most back into our days.  For those of you not familiar with the Waldorf method, I will not go into the details here.  Feel free to google, and you will find a myriad of answers.  I will tell you this.  There are some very important and beautiful things that I have taken from studying the Waldorf method.  I have learned the value in having a Waldorf rhythm in our everyday, the importance of quiet time, of time spent in nature, of using your hands to create.  The value of too much too soon when dealing with a child’s delicate mind and the beauty of reading classic fairy tales and slow beautifully descriptive stories.  I have also come up against resistance with my child when trying to implement other Waldorf ideals, resistance that was upsetting the balance and beauty we had created.  As well as that, I also have serious reservations about the belief system behind the Waldorf method, a spiritual ideal called anthroposophy.

That being said, my first blog posts will illustrate some of our difficulties, but I will quickly move on to more joyous posts.  As I have found a way to blend our traditional homeschool and our Waldorf homeschool together!


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