Dr Isaiah releases some oxygen

So this week my son has become re-fascinated with VideoScience by Science House.  They have an app for your iPad or phone, and they also have the website, that I have linked to.

I have mentioned in previous posts on Break the Parenting Mold, that Isaiah has a fascination with combustion.  I have often wondered what that would morph into, maybe nothing, maybe chemistry?  Who knows, but for now it’s constructive, and we’re learning.  We also added an unscheduled science block for the week.  One of the many joys of homeschooling!

Here is the actual link to the project, it lists materials needed as well.  It is definitely a kitchen experiment, which is perfect for homeschoolers!  Just click on this link Flame testing liberated oxygen

Shared with Taming the Goblin Kids Co-op And TGIF Linky Party


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